A bit about me

Snapshot: Dad. Husband. Photographer. Bit of a nerd.

... in that order

Hey, my name’s Andrew and I’m a wedding photographer. I hope to be your wedding photographer but maybe you should get to know me a little first.

First off, as the photographer of the family… I’m not in a lot of photos so the picture above of my daughter will have to do. Those are my hands though so I’m technically in the photo! My wife Mary and I moved out to the beautiful east Cork in 2016 and soon after the little lady in photo above made us three. When I’m not shooting weddings it’s usually the women in my life that are in front of the camera. I’m half expecting that Ruby will identify the front of my camera as “Dada” long before I get called that!

I’m a lifelong camera geek but I only found my way to wedding photography in 2015 (after getting married myself a two years earlier). What started out as two weddings quickly turned into something of a ‘marraige made in heaven’ (excuse the bad pun) as I got to turn what I love to do into a dream job. Since moving out to Castlemartyr last year, I’ve been making a name for myself as one of Cork’s top wedding photographers. I love nothing more than to tell a story through photos and weddings have the best stories. Every wedding is different, they each have their own ebb and flow, there’s drama (the good kind), tears, happiness and everyone looks awesome! There is just a buzz off the day that never tires.

If you like what you see on my site and you’d like to find out a bit more for your wedding day, get in touch. I’m quite fond of coffee if you’d like to grab some for a chat in person :)